"We began sending out daughter to school with Ms Mojan as her first post-Covid social & academic  experience. Needless to say, it took some adjustment for her and Mojan was so patient and understanding through the whole process. My daughter has learned some of the most important skills at Lafayette Academy — generosity and kindness — and also practical learning skills with her letters and numbers. 

Her confidence and vocabulary has really blossomed with Mojan’s guidance. We couldn’t be happier about the environment she is in. We drive 30 mins each way to drop her off and find the commute totally worth it to know that your child is safe and in great company. Over the summer Mojan filled their days with adventures and field trips to the library, water parks, farms and more! There is so much thought and love put into their program and we can really feel it. Needless to say, highly recommend!" -  S.G 

"Mojan and her colleagues at Lafayette’s sister school have cared for my two kids over six years. Lafayette’s space is very welcoming, their activities so engaging (I love to see the big kids’ group projects!), and each kid really supported to their own ability. They learn a lot — socially and academically — and so much of that through play. We have full confidence in Lafayette Academy to keep our kids safe."